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In today’s connected world, all of your electronic devices are subject to being breached and your information compromised.  The sophisticated tracking tools once available only to law enforcement, the military, and the wealthiest of citizen can not be purchased on the internet by those with even very limited means.


As dangerous as it is to have your personal devices and information compromised, if you are an law practice or business,  the dangers of such a breach encompass every customer and client that you have.  Most buisnesses don’t realize that if they have been breached and customer or client information has been accessed, that unless they take the proper remedial steps to notify those affected that they can be held personally liable for the damages that their customers sustain.  A failure to properly investigate a breach and determine the extant of the penetration can devastate a business.  Our firm’s expert’s during their law enforcement careers have investigated and prosecuted those that would use cyberspace to intrude upon computer networks.  They have the experience and training necessary to properly evaluate a potential breach and to advise you upon the proper remedial action to safeguard your business’s future.

One of the most famous sayings around is “Closing the barn door after the cows are gone”, and in many cases that is the response to a penetration of their computer networks.  As important as it is to properly investigate a potential breach, the safeguarding of your client’s data can be essential to keeping their trust.  Most security breaches are a combination of failure to properly update software and lack personal security.  Most employees choose to go with the easiest route possible when it comes to passwords and security procedures, however it is these choices that often leave open the methods in which hackers gain access.


Our firm’s cyber security experts can evaluate your businesses practices and security methods and present you with improvements that could prevent the costly efforts at breach evaluation. A proper analysis and improvement of your procedures now, can help to prevent embarrassment and loss of trust form your customer base.

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