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Cell Tower Location Analysis

In today’s day and age the vast majority of adults and most children stay connected. For many its the cellphone, but for others its an iPad, Kindle, Google Glass, or Car Equipped with GPS.  Most people do not realized that as they stay connected to the, the cellphone companies keep a record of everywhere you travel.


 With the right legal process, those records can be obtained.  Whether its your client’s alibi in a criminal prosecution, your cause of action for unfaithfulness in a family law case, or watching an employee travel to a competitors with your trade secrets, this information can mean success or failure.

It requires an expert to obtain and analyze these records, but in order for them to be matter in your case, that expert has to be able to present them in a way that engages a jury and leads them to the understanding they need.


Our experts at the Lone Star Forensic Group have analyzed numerous cell tower records and presented those findings in court.  They have the training and experience that you wont find in most “experts” and will be able to back that up with credentials and personality to make it effective.

Our experts have testified in courts throughout Texas on this subject and been recognized as experts in the field.  Some “experts” may know how to make the simple calculations based upon provided records, but our experts know the technology behind this information and the effects that various factors can have on the data provided.  

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