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In the battle of experts, each one is graded by the judge, jury, commission, mediator, or board based on several factors.

  1. What are there credentials?

  2. How do they perform?

  3. What is their experience?

  4. What work did they to reach their conclusion

  5. How do they look?

The Lone Star Forensic Group experts have impecable credintials.  They have the best training and the most experience.  When it comes to teaching cyber crime and forensics....our experts are the instructors.

The Lone Star Forensic Group experts have testified in every conceivable format.  From jury trials to court trials, from hearings to commission meetings.  In front of corporate boards and mediators, and when the Texas Legislature needs a Cybercrime Experts, we are who are summoned to give unbiased expert opinions.  Our experts teach other witnesses and police officers how to testify in court.  

The Lone Star Forensic Group corporate philosophy is to hire former law enforcement.  The reason behind this is that when other experts have examined 10-15 phones in their career, our least experienced expert has examined thousands of every conceivable type.  Our experts are neutral unbiased examiners who know how to talk to an audience

When an examiner from the Lone Star Forensic Group takes the stand, you can be confident that every conceivable test has been performed with the latest technology available.  The evidence is presented in a manner that is concise and reliable.  

Our examiners dress and look like what they are......highly trained, incredibly experienced, well equiped professionals.  They present the image of a reliable expert and back it up with their testimony. 

Independant Analysis

The Lone Star Forensic Group experts will conduct an independant review of the records provided.  This is done to keep the other side's experts honest.  Our experts can conduct tests to verify or dissprove the opposing sides conclussions and opinions.  With the right assistance, the impact of those conclusions can be maximized or minimized based upon the needs of the client.  

Review of Expert Opinon and Testimony

One of the best ways to ensure that the opposing side's "expert witness" stays honest and true to the technical evidence is to have your own expert in the courtroom.  They can aid counsel in preparing an effective cross examination or provide critical rebuttal testimony.  With the right questions a true expert for the other side can be turned to your expert or shown to be the fraud that they are.

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