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Company History

          The Lone Star Forensic Group was founded in 2012 under the original name of Attorney Tech Service of Houston, but as their client base grew to include more than just law firms and outside the Houston area, a more appropriate name was needed. 

             With the company made up of civic minded former law enforcement most of whom helped found the Houston Metro Internet Crimes Against Childen Taskforce and the Harris County Sexual Exploitation Taskforce, a name honoring the Lone Star State was deemed to be most appropriate.

             The members of the Lone Star Forensic Group have testified all across the United States and have continued to teach Cybercrime and Forensics to eager audiences and have been featured on numerous news and television programs for their expertise in this area.  The examiners have also served as experts in Cybercrime in front of the Texas Legislature.

              The Lone Star Forensic Group has continued to expand to various jurisdictions in Texas.  With its Headquarters in the Houston Metro Area, they are also now serving the Austin and Dallas areas. 

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