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The members of the Lone Star Forensic Group are prolific educators in the areas of Digital Forensics and Cybercrime. In their history they have taught thousands of law enforcement, lawyers, and civilians.  A few of the non-classified presentations they have created are provided below. 

HCCLA- Cell Phone Discovery and Location Analysis and Ethics

HCPDO Cell Phone and Cell Location Discovery

Protecting Your Children in the Cyber World

Technology for Lawyers

Nuts and Bolts of Cell Location Analysis

Evidence Experts

Cyber Threats to Buisness

Digital Forensics Overview

Darknet, Deepnet & Alt Forensics

Introduction to the ICAC

Legal Consequences to Growing up in Texas

Breach of Computer Security

Beyond the Computer

Protecting Yourself in the Digital Age

Sexting and Cyberbullying in Texas

Courtroom Presence

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