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The Lone Star Forensic Group is company of former cyber prosecutors and law enforcement dedicated to providing top tier digital forensics and cyber investigations to the legal and buisness community.

Digital Forensic Services and Investigations

Forensic Services

  • Smartphones

  • Cellphones

  • Tablets

  • Desktops

  • Laptops

  • Servers

  • Mac Forensics

  • GPS Devices

  • Cell Tower Analysis

  • Damaged Device Data Extraction

  • Vehicle Tracking Sweep

  • Home "Bug" Detection

Expert Services

The examiners at the Lone Star Forensic Group are available to review records and other information provided during litigation. From second opinions to checking up on the opposing side's "experts", we have the training and experience to explain what is provided and fact check their results. 

Technology Investigations

Today's buisness climate requires everyone to be connected to cyberspace.  This connections however means that was are also vulnerable to the demons of that environment.  Our examiners have the training and skill to evaluate the vidence and close down the vulnerabilties.  




Forensic Services with Experience in the Real World

​The examiners at the Lone Star Forensic Group have real world experience that you dont receive from  our competitors.  Before joinging the company our experts have spent decades in law enforcement working real world cases in cybercrimes, technology investigations, and digital forensics. 

Our examiners are nationwide leading experts in their field.  Each one of them have served as instructors for other law enforcement, prosecutors, attorneys, and buisness leaders and are continually asked to share their knowledge and experience with those in need.  

The cornerstone of our corporate philosophy is to have the most powerful hardware, cutting edge software, the best training, and the most experience.  Our examiners have real world experience and innovative solutions to approach your project.  Rather than attempting a one size fits all solution, our examiners use multiple platforms, tools, and techniques to maximimze data recovery.  When it comes displaying the results for the necessary audience, our examiners have testified hundreds of times in front of juries, judges, committees, and boards.  

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